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Is Hydroponic Food Organic?

We like to say that Greenhouse Farms lettuce and tomatoes are better than organic. Why? Because the USDA allows human waste and animal manure to be used on organic crops. But the only thing that touches our plants is water!

Hydroponics gets its meaning from the Greek words “hydro” (meaning water) and “ponos” (meaning labor). Hydroponics literally means “water working.”

In order to be certified “organic” the seed has to start its life in dirt. Our lettuce and tomatoes are not organic for that reason alone. Ours never touch dirt. They’re grown solely in water.

Produce can be called “organic” if it’s certified to have grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for 3 years prior to harvest. Source


So, that’s how we’re different. Here’s how we’re similar to organic farmers:

  • No chemicals are used.
  • No pesticides are used.
  • No harmful agricultural run-off to worry about.
  • No genetically modified seeds are used.

Hydroponics is the perfect combination of technology and horticulture.

After just one bite of our lettuce or a taste of our tomatoes, you’ll see why the best and cleanest way to grow fresh veggies is in water! You’ll be amazed by the flavor, texture, and nutrition that our hydroponic produce provides.